Our team at Direct Keys are experts in the IT industry. Directkeys.com is 20 years old, yes - born in 2000. We source the best value for money products so our buyers know where to price them at market busting prices. Our audiences and target buyers are left satisfied with a quality product as well as fulfilling your cost-saving exercise and benefiting from our excellent customer service. We supply home, business and all types of organisations with stock not just for personal but commercial usage too. Our catalogue of products include brand named items that are carefully selected by our purchasing team.

We source products for our customers and can supply according to higher demand. If you need something and can`t see it, talk to us! Although our customer base is mainly Europe, we have acknowledged deployment of our products on a global basis across all continents including UK, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, and Australia. We cater for multiple language products as well as stand-alone (offline - without internet) installations too. We offer computer products for Windows and Mac that our customers can take pride in using - once they have been tried and tested by our teams for usability, productivity and ease of deployment. Free shipping is always available to buyers whether you are in the UK, Europe or USA. Our offer is that most of our products can be used in various countries so whether you`re in France, Germany or the Netherlands it make no difference as the product will work in your country and in your preferred local language.

Our team has served over 200,000 customers in over 80 countries within last few years and counting. This includes homes, offices and larger companies not limited to but including HSBC, BMW, PWC, Santander and ARIA PC. Many IT companies, charities and organisations rely on our products and services for reselling and/or repackaging their end product. Support is available by live-chat, phone and email. We offer pre-sales and after-sales product support for all our products with our expertise. We aren`t just here today, gone tomorrow. After a glimpse of the demand 2015, we shifted our focus from marketplaces to our own bespoke website. This way we are able to fulfill orders with lower costs and offer better pricing. That`s why we are able to offer higher discounts across the board directly to the end-user.

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Did you know?

  • Over 200,000 customers served since 2018
  • We don`t charge anything for shipping
  • Office 2016 is available in 102 languages
  • USB was designed in Jan 1996
  • Kaspersky analyzes over 350,000 malware samples per day
  • Office 2019 was actually released in 2018
  • Windows 10 automatically compresses system files

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